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Rotterdam host to first international Water Exchange Workshops


Rotterdam will be host to the first international Water Exchange Workshops. The first week of October, American, Asian and European cities will visit Rotterdam for a four-day session on water and climate change.

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New water-filled tile to keep our feet dry


In a ceremony in the presence of Wim Kuijken (Delta Programme Commissioner), Henk Ovink (the first Special Envoy for International Water Affairs for the Kingdom of the Netherlands), Paul van den Eijnden (member of the council of the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Higher Water Board), and Pex Langenberg (Alderman responsible for mobility, sustainability and culture), the first Rain(a)way tile was laid in the Katshoek Rain(a)way Garden in the Zomerhofkwartier district in Rotterdam. This 100 metres long and 4 metres wide garden at Heer Bokelweg will help to contain stormwater runoff in the district in extreme rainfall events. The Rain(a)way tile was invented and designed by Fien Dekker, and is now used for the first time in the Rain(a)way Garden in Rotterdam that was designed by De Urbanisten.

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Rotterdam to launch the world’s first water-filled Rain(a)way tile


Rotterdam takes a new step forward in the battle for dry feet – in a quite literal sense, for shortly now, the Rain(a)way tile will turn the pavement into an important storage facility for excess rainwater. This was reported in the daily newspaper Metro.

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San Francisco, Guidance for Incorporating Sea Level Rise into Capital Planning


A Guidance Report released by the City of San Francisco provides the nation’s first assessment of the potential infrastructure risks posed by rising sea levels. Seas have risen 8 inches since industry started burning fossil fuels, with two-to-three more feet of sea level rise forecast for this century. 

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