Connecting Delta Cities


Washington DC latest member to join CDC


The Connecting Delta Cities network welcomes a new member: Washington DC. The capital of the United States hopes to be able to make a valuable contribution to the international alliance, to acquire knowledge, and to share experiences with respect to water management and adaptation to climate change. 

Until recently, the CDC network consisted of twelve member cities: Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York City, New Orleans, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Venice, and Singapore. They will now be joined by Washington DC. 

Heavy flooding expected 
In his letter of motivation, Tommy Wells, director of the Department of Energy & Environment, stated that this densely populated city will see an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme precipitation events. It is, therefore, crucial to work on preventive measures and improved coordination between key stakeholders. The city has a number of programmes in place to anticipate possible threats as a result of climate change, sea level rises and heavy downpours, and will be happy to share their knowledge. In addition, the city wants to learn from other cities’ experience, such as Singapore, London, and Rotterdam.

Reasons to join the Connecting Delta Cities network
Over half of the world’s population lives in cities, predominantly in delta cities. Particularly these cities and their ports are very vulnerable to climate change as the economic value of the urban area is high and the risk of casualties in times of flooding is high as well. For this reason, Rotterdam set up the Connecting Delta Cities network. Within this network, cities around the world share and exchange expertise on integrated water management and climate adaptation – as well as best practices. 


Washington DC latest member to join CDC
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