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Rotterdam leader in water management


Water scarcity or a surplus of water: no one knows better than Rotterdam how to manage water. This port city ranks number one in the Sustainable Cities Water Index, a ranking that reflects the global cities that are most sustainable in terms of their water management. 

The fact that a Dutch city ranks number one should come as no surprise. As far as flood management, water treatment and sewerage are concerned, the Netherlands is in full control. The only question that remains is why it was Rotterdam that came out the winner instead of any other Dutch city. 

Dedication to innovation

Rotterdam has taken innovative measures to control flooding in extreme rainfall events, as Frank Goossensen of engineering firm Arcadis explains. Examples include parks, plazas and car parks that can fill up in a controlled manner. Index developers Arcadis and Centre for Economics particularly appreciated Rotterdam's dedication in taking these measures. The city never fails to take climate change into account in their every decision. Besides benefiting the people who currently populate Rotterdam, this also attracts newcomers, including companies that prefer to set up their operations in a city that anticipates future developments. 

Knowledge sharing

Besides listing the cities that are doing well, the ranking also promotes knowledge sharing. Rotterdam solves problems related to climate change in an innovative and creative manner, and is more than happy to share the knowledge gained in the process with other global cities.


Rotterdam leader in water management
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