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Climate and water: New guidance & examples


Two major international networks recently published intel on climate adaptation and water management, freely available online.

Both the C40 network and the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities network combine issues based on experiences from several cities around the world.

C40 Good Practice Guide: climate adaptation

The C40 Good Practice Guide on Climate Adaptation in Delta Cities addresses exactly that: the way member cities of the C40 subnetwork Connecting Delta Cities handle climate change. Ranging from strategies to concrete case studies, from holistic practical approaches to long-term budgeting. Cities such as Jakarta, Copenhagen, London and New York (and many of their peers) share insights in successful approaches.

View or download C40 Good Practice Guide: Climate Change Adaptation in Delta Cities in PDF format

100RC Rotterdam Exchange: water management

Early October 2015, the CROs and CRO team members for eight cities participating in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge, convened in Rotterdam for a Network Exchange on multi-benefit solutions to water management. This 3-day gathering was an opportunity to share best practices, solve problems collectively and craft an urban water agenda for the months and years ahead. This handbook is a result of these sessions, and may be considered a gift to other members of the 100RC Network and beyond.

View or download 100RC Rotterdam Exchange: Water Management & Multi-Benefit Solutions, Lessons learned & tactical guidance in PDF format.

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