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The Rotterdam North sub-municipality will be the first to transform a 'stony' plaza into an attractive city plaza that offers space for water, sports and greenery. The concept of 'water plaza' is a Rotterdam innovation in order to keep dry feet in a densely populated area during heavy rains and to make the city more attractive at the same time. These objectives will contribute to the ambitions of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative.

Connecting Delta Cities (2009). This film explores the impacts of global warming on coastal cities. As the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland melt, sea levels rise. This poses significant challenges and requires action on the part of coastal cities like Jakarta, Rotterdam, New York and Alexandria. In this film scientists and policy makers of each city share their view on current problems and explain future plans. The film shows that all coastal cities face similar problems - problems that can be tackled more efficiently through an exchange of knowledge and intensive cooperation.
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Horizon: Global Weirding – BBC-coverage of the water storage facility

BBC Two series Horizon covered the water storage facility included with the Museumpark parking garage.

Magazine "Resilient Cities and Climate Adaptation Strategies" CDC book volume 3 Available now. Download free of charge.

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