Connecting Delta Cities


23 Delta cities participated in the Connecting Delta Cities workshop

From 3 until 6 June, Rotterdam hosted the Connecting Delta Cities workshop. Delegates from 23 delta cities enjoyed Rotterdam’s hospitality for four days in order to share climate adaptation strategies and discuss measures. During various presentations and round-table discussions, they explored the options of adapting to the consequences of climate change.

Please revisit or if you missed it enjoy the workshop with the videos and presentations below.


The consequences of changes in the climate and extreme weather conditions are becoming increasingly apparent. Climate issues converge above all in delta cities, where as a rule more people live and economic interests grow quickly. It is in these places that there is the most urgency to take measures. It is therefore not surprising that delta cities lead the way in creating solutions for climate stability.

Leah Cohen, Director of Climate Analysis for the City of New York, shares her experience with hurricane Sandy during the Connecting Delta Cities workshop in Rotterdam, 2013.

Cedric Grant, Deputy Mayor of Facilities, Infrastructure and Community Development of the City of New Orleans, shares his experiences with hurricane Katrina during the Connecting Delta Cities workshop in Rotterdam, 2013.

Beth McLachlan, Senior Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Melbourne, shares her experiences with heat and drought during the Connecting Delta Cities workshop in Rotterdam, 2013.


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