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Conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change 2014

Conference "Deltas in Times of Climate Change 2014"

How are we to deal with the consequences of climate change? This question echoed like a refrain throughout the international delta conference, Deltas in Times of Climate Change. Over 1200 visitors – half of whom had come from abroad – attended the three-day conference in Rotterdam on 24, 25 and 26 September. Attached is a video report to give you a first impression of the conference. Speeches, lectures and the daily conference newsletter can be accessed at

Delta cities around the globe are under pressure as sea and river levels rise. To aggravate matters, the increasing number of heavy rainfall events requires measures to protect the often densely populated areas. In over 100 workshops, lectures and meetings, participants were given a good picture of the latest scientific insights and developments in the various delta areas around the world.

The Rotterdam approach

Rotterdam is recognized as an international leader in the field of climate adaptation. Many of the visiting countries were therefore interested to learn more about the expertise and experience Rotterdam has gained in this area. Particularly Rotterdam’s approach to leveraging more green solutions to protect residential areas rather than high-tech solutions appealed to the visitors from other delta cities.

Mutual benefits

Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, who opened the conference, is convinced that his city can inspire other cities by sharing the knowledge gained here. Minister Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and the Environment agreed that as a front runner, the Netherlands should lead by example. She did, however, underscore the importance of mutual benefits, as we still have a lot to learn from other countries as well.

Read more about the Rotterdam approach in the Rotterdam Adaptation Strategy (PDF).

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