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Climate change adaptation

Climate change adaptation

To explain the adaptation to climate change, the concept generally used is "resilience". In a city, "resilience" represents the skill to react to certain events, in this case caused by climate change. In Venice these events are flooding and an increase of rain. The medium-term objective for the city of Venice is to confirm and reinforce its resilience, consolidating the different environmental and territorial factors that characterize it, and activate the citizens that live, work and study in the territory. To reach this result, integrated adaptation and mitigation actions will be planned that are in line with the evolution of climate events and the urban growth at metropolitan scale.

Towards a Climate Plan
The City Administration is developing a Climate Action Plan linking environmental issues with economic, social and cultural issues. The starting point must be what is already under control of the city, extending it to other institutions and stakeholders. While analyzing the activities of the City of Venice, it turned out that the issue of climate change is already addressed in existing plans and initiatives. That is why the City will not create a climate plan from scratch. The Climate Action Plan will be divided in mitigation actions and adaptation actions.

As a great part of the actions is already going on, the aim is to improve them and develop them in an adequate way. The Climate Action Plan must therefore relate with the main town Planning Instruments, to include their objectives and coordinate many of the future actions like the Town Physical Plan, the Water Plan, the Urban Mobility Plan. The Climate Action Plan should also coordinate with other city programmes and projects of other institutions. In 2014 the city administration has approved "Venice Future Climate", which is a manifesto for the elaboration of the Climate Plan.

Enriching the aim of the UNESCO Management Plan of the Lagoon of Venice
In 2013 the UNESCO Management Plan of the Lagoon of Venice was officially presented. It had been a great planning effort to coordinate the contribution of all the authorities dealing with the Lagoon and to propose a vision for the Lagoon heritage for the period 2012-2018. The City of Venice has been the lead partner in this initiative. The ongoing development of the Climate Action Plan secures the protection of the Lagoon for the impact of climate change, and will enrich the safeguard aimed by the UNESCO plan.

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